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All Orders placed from
5/17 thru 5/25 will be shipped out on 5/28/24!

Your Taste

Get ready to have a new

favorite salsa!


The salsa that started it all!  A little heat and a lot of flavor!


Very little heat with tons of taste!

Extra Hot

You can finally have the heat you want and flavor too!


Fresh. Authentic. Simple.

Tascosa Hot Sauce proudly distributes an Original, Extra Hot and Mild sauce/salsa with no preservatives. A small tortilla factory developed the original salsa, the original recipe has been around for more than 65 years. The saying goes “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” and what you will experience when you “Tascosa your taste buds” is no different.


The Original Tascosa Hot Sauce originated in a small, family owned tortilla factory, Tascosa Tortilla Company in 1957 in Amarillo, Texas. Melody Green refined the original family recipe and developed a Mild and Extra Hot recipe. Tascosa Hot Sauce began commercial wholesale distribution in the mid-90’s and we‘ve been Tascosa-ing’ taste buds all over the country ever since. We recently got a new CEO Stefanie Ennis who plans on shaking things up a bit with a slight new look, going from white lids to black lids and working on producing a michelada mix.  As of this year, we have shipped our product to over 26 states and internationally


Future plans for Tascosa Hot Sauce, include expanding our product line and adding a Chunky Style, a Green Chili, a Bloody Mary Mix and a Gourmet Sauce. 


Tascosa Hot Sauce is a Christian based, family oriented company. We believe in our product, employees, the potential of our business, and each other. We have a solid and loyal reputation, with returning customers year after year- 66 years of sales and service is evidence of the consistent quality and taste. sincerely, Faith Unlimited Enterprise INC.

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Proudly Made in Texas

Tascosa Hot Sauce offers a robust, fresh and flavorful Texas salsa in three varieties. Originally founded in Amarillo, Texas in a small, family owned tortilla company, Tascosa Hot Sauce has evolved to stand on its own as one of the "top things Amarilloians love  about the Texas Panhandle"! 

Tascosa Hot Sauce is a healthy addition to any recipe and flavorful enough to stand on its own. We are all natural with no preservatives, gluten-free and low calorie, so eat as much as you want!

Where to Get Yours!

Tascosa Hot Sauce is proud to serve customers throughout the United States. Below are our retail partners that carry our Hot Sauce. If we don't have a retailer near you, order online HERE. We do not take phone orders, so please see our online store to Tascosa Your Taste Buds from anywhere!

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Where to Buy
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